A syntax like Doge that might finally fix JavaScript

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I normally write about solutions that are no-code or use minimum code (and only if necessary). “Regular” humans are unnecessarily afraid of code, as there is an approachability gap. It takes a good bit of learning and research before you are able to convert typing code on a keyboard into a computer doing something.

Finally, I discovered a coding language that takes the approachability issue out of the way! At last, a language that everyone will understand! If my auntie can all of a sudden start investing in Dogecoin, she can also learn how to program in DogeScript!

“DogeScript, more…

Wish your invoice payable attachments always ended in the same folder? Would you like files from that single project mailbox to be accessible in one place? Here is a solution for you.

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In our previous article, we talked about how to save all incoming emails as links in your Google Sheets. This was important because it allowed you to track all your important correspondences using Integromat’s free automating feature. We go further in this lesson. In this article, you will learn how to use Integromat to save all email attachments directly into your Google Drive. …

Building a strong personal or business brand requires presence across all channels when your followers can reach you. With an ever-limited amount of time, this simple hack will put your content plan on autopilot.

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Are you looking for an easy way to schedule your posts on Instagram? Do you want to be able to post content from your content calendar directly into your Instagram account for free? In this article, I will show you how to automate your Instagram content inside Google Sheets with a free Integromat account.

Integromat is a service that allows you to connect multiple services together…

A tale of entrepreneurship, a more connected(supposedly) world, empty slogans, the antithesis of customer service in the SaaS era, and monopoly power that corrupts.

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Let us not pretend that before the events described in this article transpired, it was all rosy between me and Facebook. Some of the recent turning points in my perception of Facebook are mentioned at the end of the article, but there was no major beef between us. I had worked in the past with sharp freshly minted MBA grads fueling Facebook's Sales team ranks. I was impressed with their ability to convince CEOs and business…

With a simple trick, you can convert your Google Sheet and Gmail into a powerful email machine!

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Nowadays, there are countless possible ways of sending emails. One of the popular ways is using spreadsheets or Google Sheets, which are all for optimizing as many possible everyday tasks that you have. Envision a scenario where you have to manage a request, then establish it, and afterward, send an email to the other people concerning the request. Therefore, are you wondering how that is even possible? …

Easily track your emails by using No Code Integromat to automatically copy all Gmail messages into your Google Sheets.

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If you receive dozens of emails each day, it can be difficult keeping track of the most important ones. While you can set up notifications in your Gmail account, there is a much simpler method that allows you to, say, log correspondence between you and a particular client. You might even want to capture submissions or collect invoice payables. Getting these emails into a Google Sheet makes it easy to analyze in order to make effective business decisions. With Integromat, you can automate the process to save time and energy.

If you would like to learn how to also save…

There are many systems that allow you to send out mass emails, and we have all learned to ignore those. What if you could just really send multiple emails from your Gmail account without a need to copy-paste one hundred times?

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If you want to send bulk emails and make your email marketing strategies more effective then this combination of Airtable and Integromat will prove to be revolutionary for you.

But what is Airtable?

It is a spreadsheet — database hybrid software that has the features of a database but is presented in the human-friendly and familiar form of a spreadsheet. Each Airtable “base”…

Localize your apps, websites, emails at scale with Airtable, the Google Translate API, and a bit of JavaScript

a man drawing flags of different countries with chalk on pavement
a man drawing flags of different countries with chalk on pavement
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In an increasingly global world, your products, whatever form they might be, are reaching a constantly growing number of foreign-language speakers. At the same time, the progress of translation algorithms and ease of using tools like Google Translate brings growing expectations for users/consumers to be served in their native languages.

The root of this article and the solution within has originated from my own need to translate my MVP application (developed for the sake of speed in a no-code builder, Bubble.io) into multiple languages, preferably for free.

I wanted to translate my app into two languages. I ended up with…

Using this scripting app you can easily adjust the start and end dates of your Gantt workflows in Airtable.

You might not be able to sort out 2020 but you should be able to fix those bars at least!

Gantt chart might be one of the simplest project management tools out there. If you have attempted to create Gantt charts in Excel certainly using the Airtable Gantt app will be a huge improvement. It presents visually the diagram based on the tasks from the selected Airtable view. It also allows adjusting task length and placement by dragging the elements on the canvas. …

Finally, Airtable introduced a way how to natively synchronize data between bases.

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Moving data between Airtable bases was one of the most requested features for a long time. Very often you might have sensitive information in some tables of your base and you might not be willing to provide access to all of its entirety. Previously the solution to clone data out of one base into another was to use external tools such as Zapier or Integromat to clone it. You can read here an article about copying Airtable data between bases using Integromat.

The Integromat solution might still be…

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