How to add create add days formula for delivery date on next Mon/Wed/Friday in Airtable.

Greg Vonf @ Business Automated
2 min readAug 28, 2022

Conditional date and time formulas in Airtable

This tutorial shows how to use Airtable date formula related to weekdays. We will explore here how to calculate a week day number based on date in Airtable. Later conditionally based on the date number we will add days using conditional DATEADD formula. Finally we will check what day of the week is on our date based on the DATETIME_FORMAT()

The formulas we explore:


The objective in this scenario is to create delivery date for customer, that could be used in next steps of this Airtable automation. We want the delivery date to be 2 days after the order, but only on Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday. Using the logic in this video you can also create any other custom date adding pattern in Airtable.

The main formula showed in the video is:

 IF(WEEKDAY({Order Date})=4,DATEADD({Order Date},4,’day’),IF(OR(WEEKDAY({Order Date})=2,WEEKDAY({Order Date})=5,WEEKDAY({Order Date})=0),DATEADD({Order Date},3,’day’),DATEADD({Order Date},2,’day’))) 

We are also formatting the resulting date using this formula:

DATETIME_FORMAT({Delivery Date},’dddd’) 

Details of the video:

  • 0:00 Explaining the set up
  • 2:30 Calculating how many days to add
  • 5:58 Conditional statement based on weekday
  • 9:45 Adding DATEADD formula
  • 11:35 Formating date in Airtable DATETIME_FORMAT()

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