I saved 840 minutes this week by embedding Chat GPT directly in my email

Replying to emails takes time. What if you could be short and snap and have GPT turn it into a proper email?

Use GPT directly in your mailbox!

Replying to emails can be a challenge for many people. It requires taking the time to craft thoughtful messages, finding the right words to communicate your message clearly, and ensuring that you maintain a professional and polite tone. It can also be difficult to stay consistent in your response when dealing with multiple customers, as each customer might require a different approach. This can be especially true when responding to customers from different backgrounds or with different expectations.

With the help of Reply GPT, you can easily generate personalized and polite messages for each customer, ensuring that you maintain a professional and courteous tone throughout your interaction.

Reply GPT is a Chrome extension that makes responding to customers simpler with the help of Open AI’s GPT-3 technology. Just add the extension to your Gmail inbox and you can quickly craft personalized, polite messages effortlessly. This time-saving tool helps businesses deliver professional, courteous, and respectful customer service and create positive customer experiences.

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You can download the extension from here:


Extension set up

  • Open chrome://extensions
  • Enable developer mode in top right corner
  • Load the folder containing the extension (`manifest.json`) in your browser.
  • Load mail.google.com in your browser
  • The “Reply GPT” button should appear right next to send button in your compose window.
  • Click the button to generate a reply.
  • If you are using the extension first time it will ask you to provide a webhook URL.
Greg Vonf @ Business Automated

Greg is the founder of Business Automated, an agency helping small businesses streamline and simplify their processes. For more visit www.business-automated.com