Save new Etsy transactions in Wave

Save new Etsy transactions in Wavealt text

Step by step instructions:

  1. Create an Integration in Integromat
  2. Add a new Etsy module
  3. Choose Retrieve Receipts
  4. Select your Etsy shop and enter the search criteria you’d like to use to retrieve receipt data.
  5. Add a new Wave module
  6. Choose Create Transaction
  7. Enter the transaction details (e.g. date, description, amount, etc.) and map the fields from the Etsy receipt data to the Wave transaction fields.
  8. Save your Integration and turn it on!

Example of use case:

You run an Etsy shop and want to keep track of your sales in Wave. Using this Integration, you can automatically create a new Wave transaction for every new Etsy receipt, making it easy to keep your accounting up to date.

Try out this ready to use workflow template:

Save new Etsy transactions in Wave

Find more templates on our website:

Business workflow templates



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Greg Vonf @ Business Automated


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