Uploading PDF invoices from Xero to Airtable

Greg Vonf @ Business Automated
3 min readOct 25, 2022

Create automated process to generate visibility of your invoices and easily use them for further automation and data exchange with Airtable

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Why is using Xero for your bookkeeping absolutely necessary?

Bookkeeping is extremely important to the efficient operation of any business because it accurately records all of your company’s expenditures and disbursements, as well as your cash flow and your preparation for year-end tax returns, all of which contribute to the efficient operation of your company’s finances. Bookkeeping is also extremely important to the efficient operation of any business because of its role in the preparation of annual tax returns. A regular bookkeeping balance is essential to the success of your small business because, without it, you may find it difficult to manage your inventory, suppliers, and even taxes. If you don’t have a regular bookkeeping balance, your small business may fail. At the conclusion of your financial year, your efforts in bookkeeping should result in a “trial balance,” which you will then hand over to your accountant. In the approximately five years since the introduction of online accounting, bookkeepers have begun to employ the use of computer software.

Why Airtable?

In a nutshell, Airtable is a platform that simplifies the process of developing robust and original software applications. The best thing about these tools is that you can build them without ever learning to write even a single line of code. This means that they can streamline virtually any process, workflow, or project you can think of. (Here’s a spoiler: this is the fundamental concept behind low-code and no-code.) Airtable is used each and every day by thousands of businesses in order to manage their most important business processes. These processes include everything from tracking job interviews to managing large-scale video production. How, then, does a unified system contribute to the accomplishment of all of those goals? You can quickly create a database with Airtable that contains the data you need for your job, and then you can use that database to power the integrations, processes, and visualizations that make your job easier. Airtable allows you to do this.

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